Grade4 Chinese Dec.and Jan. Newsletter (Notes & Links)

Dear fourth graders and families, Happy new year of the Dog!I hope you all have had a great celebration of the holiday and new year.Soon, we are going to start to celebrate Chinese New Year through different kinds of learning activities.This year, the Chinese New Year day is on Feb. 16.I hope you can make a trip to MOA to have a glimpse of Chinese New Year Celebration. In December and January, fourth graders have learned vocabulary of the places in the school.Learning about the places they are familiar with in Chinese is fun and effective to students.It stimulates their communication skills as well.We had fun by visiting places in the school and speak the language. Fourth graders also learned many action words, and students had fun of acting out and remembering them. Fourth graders learned to use computers to type Chinese characters.They love it!It helps them recognize characters and pinyin.It will help students with upcoming projects as well!
Vocabulary: Places in the school, action wor…

GradeK Chinese Dec-Jan Newsletter (Notes & Links)

Dear Kindergarten families,
Happy the new year of Dog!I hope you all had a great holiday and new year celebration! Very soon, Chinese New Year is coming!I hope you can make a trip to MOA on Feb 17 and 18 to have a glimpse of Chinese New Year celebration! In December and January, we have been putting language points we have learned together to form new sentences.Children are doing very good progress.Of course, we learn new rhymes and songs to drill pronunciations and oral fluency. We also have started to introduce the most important holiday for Chinese people—Chinese New Year!We started with reading the book “Bring in the New Year” by Grace Lin.We looked the authentic pictures of Chinese people celebrating Chinese Year.We discussed the important elements of Chinese New Year.We learned five special characters that represents important traditional Chinese values. In February, we will continue to learn more about Chinese New Year.And your child will bring home the poster they are making and…