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Gr.4 Chinese October Letter (Notes & Links)

Dear fourth graders, 时光飞逝(shí guāng fēi shì, How time flies!) .Another productive month has flown by.In October, we have been working on talking about the things in Chinese classroom.I observed how well you could read Pinyin, how many more vocabulary you have learned, and how fluently you could describe the things in Chinese classroom.In addition, I noticed you have been focused and well-behaved in class.Each class has received one or two “Good News Note”.I feel proud of you. Here are key points I conclude. Greetings and Polite forms:  Hello!How are you? Good morning.Good afternoon. Vocabulary of classroom items: classroom, door, window, whiteboard, table, chair, wall, rug, flag, map, sink, tissue, clock, picture, tea set Vocabulary of direction words: up, down, left, right, front, back, middle, How to ask and answer these questions? What’s there in the classroom? Is there … in the classroom? How to describe the items in the classroom? There is … in the front of the classroom. There is … in th…

Gr.K Chinese October Letter (Notes & Links)

Dear Kindergarten families,
Another productive month has flown by.In addition to review what we have learned, we have been working on following things in kindergarten Chinese class. Counting in Chinese from 1 to 100 Practicing numbers in Chinese characters: 1 to 10 Vocabulary of family members:  Mom. Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Older brother, Older sister, Younger brother, Younger sister Putting language points together, here are some examples: Hello, Dad!I love you, Mom! Good bye, Grandpa.Sorry, older brother, please sit down younger sister.. Understanding question and how to answer : Where is…? Here is… Songs & rhymes: Where are my friends?Clap little hands! Classroom expectations:eyes on the teacher, ears listen to the teacher, put hands to yourself, put feet to your self, close mouth when needed
Here are some links of videos for reference. Count to 100 in Chinese Chinese numbers 1-10 我的朋友在哪里?Where are my friends? 小手拍拍 Clap little hands 祝你生日快乐歌HappyBirthdaySong! 家人family members in Chinese 家人词汇fami…