Gr4. Chinese March & April Newsletter (Notes & Links)

Dear fourth graders and families,
In March and April, fourth graders have been learning names, people and languages of different countries in the world. We also moved deeper in learning about two Koreas since it is a hot topic now.   Students had provided their own perspectives of the history and current situation of two Koreas.  It was a fun learning experience.   And in May, students will focus on learning facts abot China in Chinese language. 

Vocabulary: names of countries, people, languages
Sentence structures: I am from+ a country name.   I am+ country people.  I can speak+ a language.  I cannot speak+ a language.   
Questions:  What’s your nationality?  Where are you from?  Are you from…? 
                   Can you speak+ a language?
Oral speaking: ask and answer questions about countries, nationalities and langauges.
Special activity: Two Koreas Booklet

Here are some links of learning resource for you as well.  I include the ones from before, in case you want to review.  Don’t forget to visit google classroom as well.  There are lots of learning resources there!
QuizletStudySet动作词语(action words
Tongue Twister 绕口令:zuǐ hé tuǐ


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