Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gr.K Chinese in September (Notes & Video links)

Dear Kindergarten families,
In August and September, kindergarten students are learning:
Counting in Chinese from 1 to 20
Greetings and Polite forms: hello, thank you, please, goodbye
Understanding classroom commands: please stand up, please sit down, please be quiet, please line up
Understanding questions: What's your name? How old are you?
Expressions: I'm... ,  I am 5/6 years old.  I love you!
8 basic Chinese character strokes: héng shù piě nà diǎn tí héngzhé shùgōu
Recognize Chinese characters of numbers 1 to 10
Songs & rhymes: London bridge is falling down.  Happy Birthday to you!  
                            Chinese, Chinese is so easy!
Classroom expectations: eyes on the teacher, ears listen to the teacher, put hands to yourself, put feet to your self, close mouth when needed

Here are some links of videos for reference.
Numbers 1-20 in Chinese
Chinese numbers 1-10
你叫什么名字?What's your name?
你几岁?How old are you?
My Head 我的头
笔画怎么写?How to write Chinese strokes?
坐下!Sit down!

Advanced Reading (no pressure please):
Reading: What's your name?你叫什么名字?
Reading: How old are you? 你几岁?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Welcome Back to School!

Ni Hao!  I am Zhou Laoshi.  This year I teach all fourth grade students and two kindergarten classes (Mrs. Savage and Mrs. Marshall).  Students have had a wonderful two and a half weeks of Chinese! 

This year, fourth grade students are aiming to strengthen their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through learning different kinds of topics, a variety of learning activities, and persistent practice.  The topics for fourth grade Chinese class include:
·      Reading and spelling Pinyin
·      School supplies
·      Actions & activities
·      Feelings & emotions
·      Seasons & weather
·      Nations and nationalities
·      Chinese culture (Chinese paper cutting, brush painting and calligraphy, Chinese tea, Chinese shadow puppets, Moon festival, Spring festival, Lantern festival, Dragon Boat festival, and Qingming festival)
·      Chinese stories (Journey to the west, Chinese idiom stories)
·      Typing Chinese on computers and integrating technology in learning Chinese

This year, kindergarten students will continue to focus on Chinese listening and speaking skills.  We will introduce basic Chinese character strokes.  Our young learners will also enjoy learning Chinese children’s stories and Chinese culture facts. The learning topics for kindergarten Chinese class include:
·      Listening and speaking skills
·      Introduction of basic Chinese character strokes
·      Basic daily conversations
·      Polite forms
·      Numbers from 1-100
·      Family members
·      Basic Foods
·      Songs and rhymes
·      Celebration of Chinese New Year, the most important traditional holiday in China

Throughout the school year, whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding my teaching or your children’s learning in Chinese, please feel free to contact me.  You can reach me by email:, and by phone: 763-381-8333.

I am very excited to start a new school year at Breck School.  I will do all that I can to help students achieve their best in learning Chinese.