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Gr.4Chinese November Newsletter

Dear fourth graders and families, I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving holiday!I cannot believe November is over.However, fourth graders have been continuously doing well in Chinese classroom.I really enjoy talking with them in Chinese. Here are key points I conclude.
Greetings and Polite forms:  How are you? How is your mom (or other family members)? Tongue Twisters: é guò hé, zuǐ hé tuǐ Recording project: describe items in the classroom. How to ask and answer these questions? What do you like in Chinese classroom? What’s there in the front/back/left/right of the classroom? Places in the school: school, classroom, office, nurse room, library, cafeteria, toilet Sentence structures: I go to + a place word How to type Pinyin with tones on your computer?

Here are some links of learning resource for you as well.I include the ones from before, in case you want to review.Don’t forget to visit google classroom as well.There are lots of learning resources there!
这是什么?What's this? 教室里的东西 classr…

Gr.K Chinese November Newsletter (Notes & Links)

Dear Kindergarten families,
I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving holiday.As the time flew by fast, I am also impressed by children’s learning in Chinese class.Now they can answer questions so fluently.They know more vocabulary.They can put language points together more easily.They can count up to 100.We also started to learn about read and write Chinese characters.Students are following rules very well when they trace the characters.These weeks, we continued learning family members.
Vocabulary of family members:  Mom. Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Older brother, Older sister, Younger brother, Younger sister Phrases: My mom, my Dad, my Grandpa, my Grandma, my Older brother, my Older sister, my Younger brother, my Younger sister Family pictures project: students draw a family picture, label pictures, and present the pictures in Chinese in class. Understanding question and how to answer : Where is…? Here is… Songs & rhymes: A clay doll Storybook: Baby Sister

Here are some links of videos fo…